Vol 54, No 5-6 (2002)

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Visco-plasticity of polycrystalline tantalum - rational phenomenology in constitutive modeling

J.R. Klepaczko

Arch. Mech. 54 (5-6), 459-478, 2002



Constitutive modeling based on the so-called rational phenomenology (materials science approach) has been applied to take into account strain hardening, strain-rate sensitivity, thermal effects and evolution of microstructure in a polycrystalline tantalum. A wide range of strain rate in shear (10-4 1/s < Γ ̇ < 5·103 1/s) and homologous temperature (0.05 < Θ < 0.2) is considered. Behavior of tantalum is understood as an example for BCC polycrystalline metals. The constitutive modeling provided a possibility to determine all material constants via the experimental results obtained on thin tubular specimens using a fast hydraulic machine and a torsion Hopkinson bar. Finally, the model predictions are demonstrated by numerical simulations for different history paths in strain rate and temperature.

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