Vol 67, No 6 (2015)

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Effects of phase-lags in a thermoviscoelastic orthotropic continuum with a cylindrical hole and variable thermal conductivity

A.M. Zenkour, A.E. Abouelregal

Arch. Mech. 67 (6), 457–475, 2015

Keywords: thermoviscelasticity; orthotropic medium; cylindrical hole; variable thermal conductivity; dual-phase-lags


This article presents an analytical solution for the effect of phase-lags on a generalized plane strain thermoviscoelastic orthotropic medium with a cylindrical cavity subjected to a thermal shock from varying heat. It is assumed that the cylindrical cavity is made of Kelvin–Vogt type material. The general solutions for field quantities are obtained using the method of Laplace transforms. The results are graphically presented to illustrate the effect of phase-lags, viscoelasticity and variability of thermal conductivity on the studied fields. Comparisons are also presented with those in the absence of viscosity and variability of thermal conductivity.

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