Vol 68, No 6 (2016)

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Analysis of micropolar porous thermoelastic circular plate by eigenvalue approach

R. Kumar, A. Miglani, R. Rani

Arch. Mech. 68 (6), 423-439, 2016

Keywords: micropolar; thermoelasticity; volume fraction field; eigenvalue; Laplace and Hankel transforms


The present paper examined a two-dimensional axi-symmetric problem of thick circular plate in a micropolar porous thermoelastic medium due to thermomechanical sources. An eigenvalue approach has been employed after applying the Laplace and Hankel transforms to investigate the problem. The expressions of displacements, stresses, microrotation, volume fraction field and temperature distribution are obtained in the transformed domain. A numerical inversion technique has been used to obtain the resulting quantities in the physical domain. The numerical simulated resulting quantities are shown graphically to depict the effects of thermal forces and porosity. Particular cases of interest are also studied and presented.

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