Vol 68, No 6 (2016)

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Plane waves and problems of steady vibrations in the theory of viscoelasticity for Kelvin-Voigt materials with double porosity

M.M. Svanadze

Arch. Mech. 68 (6), 441-458, 2016

Keywords: viscoelasticity; double porosity; plane harmonic waves; uniqueness and existence theorems


In the present paper the linear theory of viscoelasticity for Kelvin–Voigt materials with double porosity is considered. Some basic properties of plane harmonic waves are established and the boundary value problems (BVPs) of steady vibrations are investigated. Indeed on the basis of this theory three longitudinal and two transverse plane harmonic waves propagate through a Kelvin–Voigt material with double porosity and these waves are attenuated. The basic properties of the singular integral operators and potentials (surface and volume) are presented. The uniqueness and existence theorems for regular (classical) solutions of the BVPs of steady vibrations are proved by using the potential method (boundary integral equations method) and the theory of singular integral equations.

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