Vol 72, No 1 (2020)

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Three-phase parabolic inhomogeneities with internal uniform stresses in plane and anti-plane elasticity

X. Wang, P. Schiavone

Arch. Mech. 72 (1), 27-38, 2020, DOI: 10.24423/aom.3371

Keywords: three-phase parabolic inhomogeneity; coating; internal uniform stresses; plane elasticity; anti-plane elasticity


We examine the in-plane and anti-plane stress states inside a parabolic inhomogeneity which is bonded to an infinite matrix through an intermediate coating. The interfaces of the three-phase parabolic inhomogeneity are two confocal parabolas. The corresponding boundary value problems are studied in the physical plane rather than in the image plane. A simple condition is found that ensures that the internal stress state inside the parabolic inhomogeneity is uniform and hydrostatic. Furthermore, this condition is independent of the elastic properties of the coating and the two geometric parameters of the composite: in fact, the condition depends only on the elastic constants of the inhomogeneity and the matrix and the ratio between the two remote principal stresses. Once this condition is met, the mean stress in the coating is constant and the hoop stress on the coating side is also uniform along the entire inhomogeneity-coating interface. The unconditional uniformity of stresses inside a three-phase parabolic inhomogeneity is achieved when the matrix is subjected to uniform remote anti-plane shear stresses. The internal uniform anti-plane shear stresses inside the inhomogeneity are independent of the shear modulus of the coating and the two geometric parameters of the composite.

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