Vol 54, No 5-6 (2002)

Table of Contents

Preface PDF
W. Kosiński, T. Wierzbicki 357 - 359

Linear stability of a 1D flow in porous media under transversal disturbance with adsorption PDF
B. Albers 361 - 375

A numerical framework for continuum damage - discontinuum transition PDF
R. de Borst, M.A. Abellan 377 - 387

A new integration procedure for thermo-elasto-viscoplasticity PDF
W. Dornowski 389 - 410

On importance of imperfections in plastic strain localization problems in materials under impact loading PDF
A. Glema, T. Łodygowski 411 - 423

On the reduction of constants in plane elasticity with eigenstrains PDF
I. Jasiuk, S.D. Boccara 425 - 437

Thermomechanical coupled waves in a viscoplastic medium PDF
K. Frischmuth, W. Kosiński 439 - 457

Visco-plasticity of polycrystalline tantalum - rational phenomenology in constitutive modeling PDF
J.R. Klepaczko 459 - 478

On the added mass effect for porous media PDF
W. Kosiński, J. Kubik, K. Hutter 479 - 495

Energy-based limit conditions for transversally isotropic solids PDF
K. Kowalczyk, J. Ostrowska-Maciejewska 497 - 523

Material instabilities in fiber-reinforced nonlinearly elastic solids under plane deformation PDF
J. Merodio, R.W. Ogden 525 - 552

Wave solution for an impulsively loaded rigid-plastic circular membrane PDF
M. Mihailescu-Suliciu, T. Wierzbicki 553 - 575

Plastic wave propagation in Hopkinson bar - revisited PDF
M. Mićunović, A. Baltov 577 - 602

Plastic strain in metals by shear banding. I. Constitutive description for simulation of metal shaping operations PDF
R.B. Pęcherski, K. Korbel 603 - 620

Plastic strain in metals by shear banding. II. Numerical identification and verification of plastic flow law PDF
Z. Nowak, R.B. Pęcherski 621 - 634

Some effects of phase transitions on heat propagation PDF
K. Saxton, R. Saxton 635 - 646

Planar frictional motion of highly elastic bodies PDF
G. Szefer 647 - 661

Extremum principles for nonpotential and initial-value problems PDF
J.J. Telega 663 - 690

Dependence of instability strain upon damage in thermoviscoplastic materials PDF
Z.G. Wei, Wei Batra 691 - 707

Thermodynamical admissibility of Biot's model of poroelastic saturated materials PDF
K. Wilmański 709 - 736

On the macroscopic modelling of elastic/viscoplastic composites PDF
Cz. Woźniak, E. Wierzbicki 737 - 750

On the optimal design of viscoplastic bars under combined torsion with bending PDF
M. Życzkowski, E. Cegielski 751 - 770