Vol 55, No 4 (2003)

Table of Contents

Non-Netonian flows over an oscillating plate with variable suction PDF
T. Hayat, Q. Abbas, M. Khan, A.M. Siddiqui 327 - 344

Variable viscosity and thermal conductivity effects on heat transfer by natural convection from a cone and a wedge in porous media PDF
I.A. Hassanien, A.H. Essawy, N.M. Moursy 345 - 356

Analytical expressions of effective constants for a piezoelectric composite reinforced with square cross-section fibres PDF
J.A. Otero, J. Bravo-Castillero, R. Guinovart-Diaz, R. Rodriguez-Ramos, G.A. Maugin 357 - 371

Some more inverse solutions for steady flows of a second-grade fluid PDF
A.M. Siddiqui, M.R. Mohyuddin, T. Hayat, S. Asghar 373 - 387