Vol 71, No 4-5 (2019)

Table of Contents

Preface PDF
K. Wiśniewski 289 - 289

Computational method for shaping the vibro-isolation properties of semi-active and active systems PDF
T. Krzyżyński, I. Maciejewski 291 - 313

Exact response probability density functions of some uncertain structural systems PDF
G. Falsone, R. Laudani 315 - 336

Application of the Monte Carlo method with meshless random walk procedure to selected scalar elliptic problems PDF
S. Milewski 337 - 375

Second-order two-temperature model of heat transfer processes in a thin metal film subjected to an ultrashort laser pulse PDF
E. Majchrzak, J. Dziatkiewicz 377 - 391

Equivalent linearization technique in non-linear stochastic dynamics of a cable-mass system with time-varying length PDF
H. Weber, R. Iwankiewicz, S. Kaczmarczyk 393 - 416

Shock compressibility and spall strength of textolite depending on fiber orientation PDF
V.M. Mochalova, A.V. Utkin, V.E. Rykova, M. Endres, D.H.H. Hoffmann 417 - 431

Probabilistic solutions of a stretched beam discretized with finite difference scheme and excited by Kanai-Tajimi ground motion PDF
G.-K. Er, V.P. Iu, H.-E. Du 433 - 457

Fast GPU simulation of reinforced concrete at the scale of reinforcement ribs by the discrete element method PDF
R. Pacevič, R. Kačianauskas, A. Kačeniauskas, G. Kaklauskas, R. Barauskas 459 - 488

Modeling of anisotropic hardening and grain size effects based on advanced numerical methods and crystal plasticity PDF
B. Berisha, S. Hirsiger, H. Hippke, P. Hora, A. Mariaux, D. Leyvraz, C. Bezençon 489 - 505

Experimental determination and numerical simulation of material and damage behaviour of 3D printed polyamide 12 under quasi-static loading PDF
D. Schob, R. Roszak, I. Sagradov, H. Sparr, M. Ziegenhorn, A. Kupsch, F. Léonard, B.R. Müller, G. Bruno 507 - 526