Vol 54, No 5-6 (2002)

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A new integration procedure for thermo-elasto-viscoplasticity

W. Dornowski

Arch. Mech. 54 (5-6), 389-410, 2002



A numerical integration algorithm for thermo-elasto-viscoplastic constitutive equations is presented. This algorithm satisfies the principle of material objectivity with respect to the total motion (translation, rotation and strain) of a material element. For this purpose, the properties of convective description are used. The explicit-implicit integration scheme for the plastic flow rule plays the crucial role in the proposed algorithm. The method of determining the stress state for inelastic deformations is based on the iterative solution of the dynamic yield condition with respect to the norm of the viscoplastic deformation rate tensor. The constitutive model being the subject of numerical analyses is described. Results of numerical calculations, which show an excellent performance of the proposed procedure, are presented.

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