Vol 52, No 4-5 (2000)

Table of Contents

Preface PDF
H. Petryk 487 - 488

Henky's elasticity model with the logarithmic strain measure: a study on Poynting effect and stress response in torsion of tubes and rods PDF
O.T. Bruhns, H. Xiao, A. Meyers 489 - 509

Spatial localization of the error of constitutive law for the identification of defects in elastic bodies PDF
H.D. Bui, A. Constantinescu 511 - 522

Extremum and saddle-point theorems for elastic solids with dissipative displacement discontinuities PDF
A. Carini, G. Maier 523 - 545

On Prandltl's lifting equation arising in wear mechanics PDF
M. Dragon-Louiset, H.D. Bui, C. Stoltz 547 - 567

The role of backstress in phase transforming steels PDF
F.D. Fischer, T. Antretter, F. Azzouz, G. Cailletaud, A. Pineau, K. Tanaka, K. Nagayama 569 - 588

Elastic-plastic stress-strain analysis of notches under non-proportional loading paths PDF
G. Glinka, A. Buczyński, A. Ruggeri 589 - 607

Time-dependent elastoplastic constitutive equation PDF
K. Hashiguchi 609 - 628

On the limit analysis of defective pipelines under complex loadings PDF
Y. Liu, B. Xu, B. Yang 629 - 644

Brake squeal: a problem of flutter instability of the steady sliding solution? PDF
F. Moirot, Q.F. Nguyen 645 - 661

3D equilibrium shapes of periodically arranged anisotropic precipitates with elastic misfit PDF
R. Mueller, S. Eckert, D. Gross 663 - 683

Iterative methods for solution of contact optimization problems PDF
I. Páczelt 685 - 711

An approach to elastic shakedown based on the maximum plastic dissipation theorem PDF
C. Polizzotto, G. Borino, P. Fuschi 713 - 735

A qualitative approach to Hooke's tensors. Part I PDF
J. Rychlewski 737 - 759

Probabilistic micromechanical description of fatigue crack initiation PDF
K. Sobczyk, B.F. Spencer, J. Trębicki 761 - 777

On elastic impact and dynamic hardness PDF
B. Storakers, J. Larsson 779 - 798

Fatigue crack evolution in a metal reinforced by short fibres PDF
V. Tvergaard, T.O. Pedersen 799 - 815

Gradient field theory of material instabilities PDF
K.C. Valanis 817 - 838

Material instability in the tensile response of short-fibre-reinforced quasi-brittle composites PDF
J. Wang, B.L. Karihaloo 839 - 855

The characteristic-based-split (CBS) algorithm, stability and boundary conditions PDF
O.C. Zienkiewicz, P. Nithiarasu 857 - 887

An attempt to describe heart attacks via continuum damage mechanics PDF
M. Życzkowski 889 - 910