Vol 49, No 4 (1997)

Table of Contents

Dynamies of turbuleni helium II - limits of the Vinen model 635 Z. TUREK, Applieation of the Fourier eosine series to the approximation of solutions to initial non-Diriehlet boundary value problems PDF
T. Lipniacki 615 - 633

Application of the Fourier cosine series to the approximation of solutions to initial non-Dirichlet boundary-value problems PDF
Z. Turek 635 - 645

Rigorous bounds on the asymptotic expansions of effective transport coefficients of two-phase media PDF
S. Tokarzewski, A. Gałka, G. Starushenko 647 - 663

Decay and continuous dependence estimates for harmonic vibrations of micropolar elastic cylinders PDF
M. Aron, S. Chirita 665 - 675

Remarks on Il'iushin's postulate PDF
Ch. Tsakmakis 677 - 695

A nonexistenee theorem of small periodic traveling wave solutions to the generalized Boussinesq equation PDF
Y. Chen 697 - 704

A Cosserat theory for elastoviscoplastic single crystals at finite deformation PDF
S. Forest, G. Cailletaud, R. Sievert 705 - 736

From material discrete memory patterns to the study of demagnetisation-like processes PDF
A. Tourabi, P. Guelin, D. Favier, W.K. Nowacki 737 - 766

The shock wave structure by model equations of capillarity PDF
K. Piechór 767 - 790

Dynamic response of a fluid-saturated elastic porous solid PDF
S. Breuer 791 - 804