Vol 53, No 4-5 (2001)

Table of Contents

Preface PDF
P. Perzyna 287 - 288

Dependence of adsorption/diffusion processes in porous media on bulk and surface permeabilities PDF
B. Albers 289 - 306

Possible constitutive equations of micropolar solids PDF
Gy. Béda 307 - 317

Constitutive relations for dynamic material instability at finite deformation PDF
P.B. Béda 319 - 331

Nonstationary two-phase flow through elastic porous medium PDF
W. Bielski, J.J. Telega, R. Wojnar 333 - 366

On the determination of residual stress distribution in plane elasticity PDF
A. Blinowski 367 - 384

Transport phenomena in saturated porous media undergoing liquid-solid phase change PDF
C. Geindreau, J.-L. Auriault 385 - 420

The displacement discontinuity technique in fracture mechanics: the subsurface crack problem PDF
S.K. Kourkoulis, G.E. Exadaktylos 421 - 437

The influence of cracks on the mechanical behaviour of particulate MMCs: an experimental study PDF
S.K. Kourkoulis 439 - 456

Michell-like grillages and structures with locking PDF
T. Lewiński, J.J. Telega 457 - 485

Material modeling of concrete subjected to multiaxial loading: application to pull-out analyses PDF
P. Pivonka, R. Lackner, H.A. Mang 487 - 499

Generalized proper states for anisotropic elastic materials PDF
J. Ostrowska-Maciejewska, J. Rychlewski 501 - 518

Physical reasons for abandoning plastic deformation measures in plasticity and viscoplasticity theory PDF
M.B. Rubin 519 - 539

A dynamic asymptotic model of linear elastic orthotropic plates: first and second-order terms PDF
A. Sławianowska, J.J. Telega 541 - 564

Gradient formulation in coupled damage-plasticity PDF
G.Z. Voyiadjis, R.J. Dorgan 565 - 597

Semi-inverse solutions in nonlinear theory of elastic shells PDF
L.M. Zubov 599 - 610