Vol 49, No 1 (1997)

Table of Contents

Subsonic flutter calculation of an aircraft with nonlinear control system based on center-manifold reduction PDF
J. Grzędziński 3 - 26

Lagrange's equations for holonomic systems with rigid bodies PDF
A. Morro 27 - 33

Asymptotic expansion of solution of the torsion problem for an elastic rod with a cavity and a thin bonded multilayer PDF
G.S. Mishuris 35 - 48

A formulation of continuum mechanics as a dimensional reduction of a finite-dimensional dynamical system PDF
J. Kaczmarek 49 - 66

Uniqueness in nonlinear theory of porous elastic materials PDF
R. Quintantlla 67 - 75

An idea of thin-plate thermal mirror I. Mirror created by a heat pulse PDF
Z. Płochocki, A. Mioduchowski 77 - 101

Can the system of discrete vortices imitate a boundary layer? PDF
T. Lipniacki 103 - 109

Unsteady compressible boundary layer flow at the stagnation point of a rotating sphere with an applied magnetic field PDF
A. Sau, G. Nath 111 - 127

Boundary element method to the study of a Stokes flow past an obstacle in a channel PDF
M. Kohr 129 - 142

Stability of micro-periodic materials under finite deformations PDF
E. Wierzbicki, C. Woźnlak, M. Woźniak 143 - 158

Plasma double layer system leading to chaos, intermittency and flicker noise PDF
A.J. Turski, B. Atamaniuk 159 - 176

Slow viscous flow about a permeable circular cylinder PDF
Sujit Kumar Khan, D. Palaniappan 177 - 187

Second sound speed in a crystal of NaF at low temperature PDF
W. Kosiński, K. Saxton, R. Saxton 189 - 196

An integrity basis for plane elasticity tensors PDF
M. Vianello 197 - 208

The stochastic vortex method for viscous incompressible flows in a spatially periodic domain PDF
J. Szumbarski, A. Styczek 209 - 232

Non-polynomial representations of orthotropic tensor functions in the three-dimensional case: an alternative approach PDF
S. Jemioło, J.J. Telega 233 - 239