Vol 59, No 4-5 (2007)

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A multi-scale “morphological approach” for highly-filled particulate composites: evaluation in hyperelasticity and first application to viscohyperelasticity

M. Touboul, C. Nadot-Martin, A. Dragon, A. Fanget

Arch. Mech. 59 (4-5), 403-433, 2007



This article deals with a non-classical scale transition devoted, in the long-run, to the prediction of the nonlinear mechanical behavior of energetic composites. A geometrical and kinematical schematization of the microstructure is defined as a conspicuous starting point for further localization-homogenization procedure. Thus, salient information on the morphology and some intraphase heterogeneity are taken into account. The first results obtained in a finite strain context for a three-dimensional periodic microstructure are compared to the finite element solution. Furthermore, the ability of the methodology to deal with viscohyperelasticity in a direct manner is illustrated. This is a significant step towards efficient mastery of the scale transition for viscoelastic aggregates, whose inherent characteristic lies in space/time local interactions and relative “long-memory” effect.

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