Vol 66, No 6 (2014)

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Natural vibrations of thick circular plate based on the modified Mindlin theory

I. Senjanovic, N. Hadzic, N. Vladimir, D.-S. Cho

Arch. Mech. 66 (6), 389-409, 2014

Keywords: thick circular plate; modified Mindlin theory; flexural vibration; in-plane shear vibration; analytical solutions; FEM


Outline of the modified Mindlin theory is presented in which the Mindlin mathematical model with three differential equations of motion for total deflection and rotations is decomposed into a single equation for pure bending vibrations with transverse shear and rotary inertia effects and two differential equations for in-plane shear vibrations. The governing equations are transformed from orthogonal to polar coordinate system for the purpose of circular plate vibration analysis. The fourth order differential equation of flexural vibrations is split further into two second order equations of Bessel type. Also, the in-plane shear differential equations are transformed to Bessel equation by introducing displacement potential functions. The exact values of natural frequencies are listed and compared with FEM results.

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